Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tournament Poker Rules

Abiding by the rules and laws is very important while playing poker tournaments. Playing tournaments and not following the poker rules is an unlawful act. Rules vary for online and land based casinos. Those who violate the poker rules would be banned from poker rooms for certain duration and will be penalized.

Online poker rules differ from room to room. So, better log on to your favorite poker room and understand all the rules of it. While playing poker tournaments make sure that you follow the rules relating to initial seating. If you want to choose better seating position better enter a little before the scheduled time because most of the poker rooms follow the first come first serve principle. Changing your position is not allowed once the game begins. Rules also depend on format of the poker tournament. If the table is playing Sit N Go poker tournament there the rules are a bit different as this is not a scheduled play.

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