Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Poker rules – Omaha Poker Betting Rules

Poker rules are there not only for the variant of poker game but also for betting structures. We are here to discuss the poker rules on betting structure for world’s second most popular game so called Omaha poker.
Betting structures for most of the popular poker variants are of three types. They are
1. Limit
2. Pot-Limit and
3. No-Limit
Omaha poker is played with two standard betting structures. They are
Omaha is not played with No-Limit betting structure for many reasons. While playing pot-limit Omaha the maximum amount that you can raise is the pot amount. The maximum amount is evaluated by adding up the pot, your call and the bet. Add your call to the total amount. So, this is the maximum amount you can bet. In fixed limit game the betting limit depends on your bet-size. For example $8/$16 game where $16 is the big bet and $8 is the small bet.

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