Friday, October 2, 2009

Texas Holdem Poker Rules

Texas Hold em poker rules are the most important to learn to be called as a poker player. If you are playing poker without even knowing the basic rules of texas hold em then you must be playing a blind-Freddy.

Basic rules of Texas Hold em starts with the dealer button who deals the hole cards to the remaining players on the table. This position changes for each round in clockwise direction. The two players sitting to the immediate left of dealer are called small blind and big blind respectively. Once each player is dealt with two cards the first round of the game begins. The player sitting to the left of big blind has to begin the game. He can call, raise or fold. This round continues in the clockwise direction. After the successful completion of first round comes the round of "Flop" where three community cards are placed face up on the table. This round is followed by the “turn” and the “river” round where one community card is placed is each round. So, the player has to make a combination of five hands by making use both community and hole cards. And the one with highest hands wins the pot.

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