Tuesday, October 6, 2009

7 Card Stud Hi-Lo Rules

Poker rules for the game Stud Hi-Lo are much similar to the standard 7 card stud game poker rules. Here the pot is split between two players who win the best hand. The players who make the best combination of highest and the lowest hands share the pot.
The High
The highest combination rules for winning the 7 card stud Hi-Lo game is similar to that of standard 7 card stud game. The player who holds this pot wins half of the pot.
The Low
There are few conditions to satisfy to be eligible winning with lowest hands. If these conditions are satisfied then this player will be winning the low half of the pot.
To make a low hand the player can use any of his five hole cards irrespective of using them in making a high hand. High hand combination will have no affect in making a low hand.
All hands that rank at eight or below eight can be used in making a low hand.
Royal flush and straight will have no ranking while making a low hand.

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