Friday, October 2, 2009

Omaha Poker Rules

Omaha Poker rules are almost similar to that of Texas Hold em poker. So, it’s very easy to understand the rules of Omaha poker if you already played Texas Hold em. In Omaha poker each player is dealt with four hole cards instead of two. And the number of community cards and rules corresponding to them are exactly similar to that of texas hold em.

The Flop, turn and the river are played in similar fashion to that of Texas holdem. The player has to make a combination of five hands by making use of exactly three from community cards and two from hand cards. And the one with best hand wins the game.

There are many sub variants in Omaha poker. Pot Limit Omaha poker, Omaha Hi-Lo poker are the popular variants of Omaha poker. There are many online poker sites that offer to learn Omaha poker rules by providing free games for practice.

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